The journal publishes the most significant scientific works, the results of theoretical and experimental research in the fields of Economics, Technology, Professional Pedagogy with the aim of distributing  scientific results on the territory of Russia and abroad.

The journal «Scientific Notes of the Crimean Engineering and Pedagogical University» is created for the  discussion of problems in the field of Economics, Engineering and Professional Pedagogy.

The section «Economic Sciences» highlights the main issues of the development of national economic systems, the world economy and international economic relations; accounting, analysis, audit and statistics; management in the production, hotel and tourism business, government and others.

In this section the articles reveal different aspects of the economic activity of enterprises, organizations, countries and regions in the context of globalization of the economy.

The main function of the section «Engineering» is the publication of scientific articles on a group of specialties: «Technology and equipment for mechanical and physical-technical processing», «Operation of automobile transport», «Engineering technology», «Welding, related processes and technologies» written on the basis of theoretical , patent and experimental studies, as well as practical developments of the faculty, undergraduates, graduate students, doctoral students of the Crimean Engineering and Pedagogical University named after Fevzi Yakubov, as well as other universities.

In the articles of this section, the authors reveal the problems of the development of automobile transport, machine and instrument engineering, set out ways to solve these problems, and give practical recommendations.

It is intended for scientific workers, teachers, post-graduate students, masters of higher educational institutions, representatives of state and municipal government.